About Jenner Family Beef

Meet The Cowboys of Jenner Cattle Co.

Jenner Family Beef features the prime beef raised by Jenner Cattle Company. The Jenner Cowboys work long hours and long seasons…and working as a team and having the same goals is what has made this a successful family business.

In addition to being ranchers, they are farmers, mechanics, equipment operators, and engineers. Their work ethic and commitment to making the ranch self-sufficient means that they do it all. No hired hands — only family/partners sharing the workload. Whether it’s mending fences under the hot summer sun or during a snowstorm, moving water and taking care of ditches and pivots, rescuing orphaned calves and pulling calves at 1 a.m., or baling and hauling hay before a sudden summer storm moves through, these guys are on the job.

They are exceptional stewards of the land — which includes a natural preserve that has been maintained for 100 years — testimony to the love they share for what God has provided. Waterfowl and wildlife share open space with our herd of cows and calves. On horseback, in a beat-up old pickup, or on a four-wheeler, they are on the move.Now a 5th generational family-owned and operated ranch, the Jenner Cowboys are a unique bunch of guys. With a shared vision for the future, these fellows work side by side, three generations strong.

Meet The Cowgirls of Jenner Family Beef

The Jenner Cowgirls are an eager and enthusiastic bunch. They bring to the business a wide variety of skills and experience. Either born on the ranch or married into this historic ranching family, each woman represents the unique Jenner Family Beef business and its connection to the Jenner Ranching family. We love the country life; we love the ranch that sustains us and has provided for five + generations of the Jenner family.

Thank you for trusting our years of experience and superior quality in our product. We are honored to serve you and your family.

Our jobs are as diverse as we are: we are often expected to jump in a truck or on a horse or tractor or asked to grab a rag or wrench to help repair ailing equipment. We are cooks and gardeners and can whip up a meal for crews of hungry men and hands without complaint — or, at least, without much complaint! We can handle a fry pan while handling energetic kids; we can pull on our boots and jackets and lend a hand whenever required.

One of the most important roles each of us has come to understand is that ranch work, like housework, never ends; being available night and day is part of the job of being a ranching wife and cowgirl. Late nights, early mornings, cold days spent rounding up cattle or searching for a lost calf, and hot days spent driving an old hay truck are all part of the “ranching landscape.” But we love it.

We love the connection with animals, the connection to nature and the land, and the freedom to explore and be part of the cycle of life that characterizes the cattle business — even when we suffer the heartbreak of losing an orphan calf or sick cow. We feel blessed to be a part of the world of ranching and to be able to offer our children the opportunity to grow up in a business that is now moving into its sixth generation..