Our Mission

Jenner Family Beef produces the highest quality ranch-raised beef.

We are committed to growing a relationship between our customers and the land; delivering a premium, flavorful product that reflects our dedication to responsible ranching practices.

Chuck Eye - Jenner Family Beef

Welcome to Jenner Family Beef.

Celebrating over 140 years of heritage traditions.

We love what we do and it shows – in the care we take with our animals and with the land. Five generations have worked to build the quality Angus herd we maintain today.
Ranch born, pasture-raised, grain finished and superior quality.

Our ranch has been in business since 1872. Jenner Family Beef is a multi-family, multi-generational operation, where stewardship has been practiced for decades.

Our Beef

Our Angus beef are Certified 100% Natural. Cattle certified in this program are never fed an animal by-product, are never given hormones, and have never been treated with antibiotics.

Our animals spend their whole lives on pasture roaming and grazing on thousands of acres. A few months before processing, we offer free-choice, homegrown, chopped barley, which contributes to the marbling, tenderness and flavor Jenner Family Beef is known for.

All of our animals are raised using sustainable and humane practices. 100% of the hay and grain fed is grown and harvested on our own land. We utilize past seed to replant native pasture grasses; we rotate crops to maintain soil health; and we use modern irrigation methods to ensure efficient usage of water supply. These practices have been employed for generations on our ranch; resulting in a highly efficient system, as well as, incredible flavorful beef.

Why Jenner Family Beef

We believe you should know where your beef was born, how it was raised, and where it was harvested. We believe flavor doesn't have to be sacrificed to feel good about where your food comes from.

By allowing our animals to mature on nature's schedule, we are able to produce beef with the perfect amount of marbling in each cut; providing the unmistakable flavor and tenderness that barley finishing delivers.