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    1/2 Share - Jenner Family Beef
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    1/4  Share - Jenner Family Beef
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    Whole Share - Jenner Family Beef
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    20LB Ground Beef Box - Jenner Family Beef

Welcome to Jenner Family Beef. Celebrating over 140 years of heritage traditions.

We love what we do and it shows – in the care we take with our animals and with the land. Five generations have worked to build the quality Angus herd we maintain today.
Ranch born , pasture-raised, and superior quality. Certified 100% Natural beef, and our ranch has been in business since 1872. Jenner Family Beef is a Scott Valley, multi-family operation, where stewardship has been practiced for decades.

Meet The Cowgirls of Jenner Family Beef

The Jenner Cowgirls are an eager and enthusiastic bunch. They bring to the business a wide variety of skills and experience. Either born on the ranch or married into this historic ranching family, each woman represents the unique Jenner Family Beef business and its connection to the Jenner Ranching family. We love the country life; we love the ranch that sustains us and has provided for five + generations of the Jenner family.

Thank you for trusting our years of experience and superior quality in our product. We are honored to serve you and your family.

Farm Club

Join our club and get HUGE Savings. Farm Club is only benefits!

* 6 Dry Aged Jenner Family Beef Steaks ( we pick or tell us your favorite)

* 5 LBS Jenner Family Ground Beef

* 1 Cowboy Surprise that we hand select for your box

* You get FIRST SELECTION ON PREFERENCES. We are happy to sub.