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Our Family

Jenner Family Beef is an eager and enthusiastic bunch. Each one brings to the business unique skills and experience.

  • Ranch-Born
  • Dry Aged Beef
  • Pasture-Raised

About us

Welcome to Jenner Family Beef. Celebrating over 140 years of heritage traditions.

We love what we do and it shows – in the care we take with our animals and with the land. Five generations have worked to build the quality Angus-crossbred herd we maintain today.

Ranch born and pasture-raised, our quality 100% All-Natural beef has been around since 1872. Jenner Family Beef is a Scott Valley, multi-family operation, where stewardship has been practiced for decades.

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Farm Club

Join our club and get HUGE Savings. Farm Club is only benefits!

* $150.00 OFF a 1/4 Beef

* $250 OFF 1/2 Beef

* $550 OFF Whole

* Recipes, News & More!

* Email us for Discount Code before order!

Free Delivery

We deliver your package for free at one of our Pick-Up locations in Chico (Butte County), Redding (Shasta County), Medford (Jackson County, Oregon), & all around Siskiyou County.

Roasts & Speciality Cuts

Please give us a call to learn about other specialty cuts we can provide, including Roasts, Bone Broth, Dog Bones, Bavette, Short Ribs, and/or Shanks.

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