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Tomahawk Rib Steak

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Tomahawk Rib Steak – This large and impressive steak is considered the “ultimate” Rib Steak. It is cut so that about 8 – 10 inches of the rib bone is left on. It is incredibly tender and rich with wonderful marbling. Many steak lovers consider this the “King of Steak.” Most season the steak liberally with salt then place it in the refrigerator, even up to 12 + hours ahead of time. After removing from the refrigerator the steak is allowed to reach room temperature before lathering it with a rub mixture on both sides. While many will grill it at this point, some chefs prefer a ‘reverse grill’ by cooking in an oven at low temperature, then finishing it on a hot grill to sear it.  AVG. 16-20 OZ.